Moving To Mareeba

As the largest urban centre in Far North Queensland, outside Cairns, Mareeba is a bustling and vibrant centre for economic growth. All in all, Mareeba is a truly incredible place to live with a wide variety of opportunities for both business and leisure.

Great location, lots of services and beautiful year round weather are what make this Far North Queensland town so liveable.

Mareeba has those three ingredients – and more – in bucket loads, making it the ideal location to raise a family, set up a new business and forge a life.

Our unique position between the bush and the city – 62km to the hustle and bustle of Cairns, 50mins from an international and light plane airport, 300 sunny days, on the doorstop of the great wilderness of Cape York Peninsula – makes our town a sought after location for families, businesses and industry.

Business In Mareeba

Our retail and business sectors are bustling, with two supermarkets and speciality shops galore and entertainment venues.

Education and sports are well covered, with the town offering two primary schools (state and private) as well as two High School (state and private) and two Universities within 50mins from Mareeba. Along with ample opportunities to play a variety of sports.

On the professional front, Mareeba offers all that you need in terms of financial, legal, training and human resources needs.

Industry In Mareeba

Our industrial area is booming - evidenced by the growing number of tenants in the town’s industrial area, which is purpose-fit to accommodate a range of different industries.

Transport operators are expanding at record rates to keep up with demand.

Growth in the horticulture industries of Mareeba, and areas immediately west and north, continues at exponential rates. Demand for labour is high, buoyed by the growth in agriculture.

Our location is unique, not only for our residents to enjoy the tropical lifestyle Mareeba offers, but also for business opportunities.

Gateway to Cape York

We are the Gateway to Cape York Peninsula, and service all communities to the north with business, professional, trade and rural needs.

We also service communities on the southern Tableland, also service as the first port of call for community pastoral properties to the west.

The social fabric of our community – the demographics of an area that gel us all together – is strong.

But it’s not just our community that is spreading the vibe – we have the statistics to prove it.

Two years ago we won the mantle as the largest urban centre in tropical North Queensland outside Cairns (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Census data).

We will continue to work to strengthen our local economy and position Mareeba as a strong retail, industrial, tourism and agriculture centre.