Aboriginal Trails and Rock Art

Bulwai Rock Art Trail

Some amazing rock art is located in the Dinden National Park.  This is home to the Aboriginal tribe called the Bulwai people who were part of the Djabugai clan.  While the Djabugai lived in the rainforest country around Kuranda which is World Heritage today, the Bulwai lived mostly in the open forest country just to the west, namely the Clohesy river, the Davies Creek and Emerald Creek areas.

Bulwai country includes the 'Bare Hill' rock art site, which was dated by James Cook University scientists to be at least 3500 years old, as old as the pyramids in Egypt.

How to get there:

Turn into Davies Creek Road, roughly halfway between Kuranda and Mareeba along the Kennedy Highway.  It soon turns into gravel and can be quite corrugated (care must be taken if you are in a rent-a-car).  Drive approximately 3km until on your left you reach the car park for the Davies Creek Trail Network (Mountain Bike Park).  Turn here onto Bridle Creek Road and travel about 9km along this dirt road.  You should reach a large locked gate and Bridle Creek crosses the road.  About 50mts before reaching this gate there will be a small car park on the right.  It is an easy 30 minute return walk.  The path is well maintained and viewing areas with seats have been created adjacent to the gallery sites.